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Glasgow Eyes has launched a brand new series called Barrowland Life, where we bring you life in and about the great venue.
What a better way for us to launch the new series is grab a an exclusive interview with Charlie and the Bhoys, the number 1 Celtic group on the planet. The group that has played 42 times (2018) and this stands to be the record for any artist at the iconic Barrowland in its history.
Here is the chat with Jimmy  Grease front man, bandleader and founding member.
When was your very first Barrowland gig?
First ever Barrowland gig was in May 1997. It was a gig we put on to celebrate Celtic’s 30th anniversary of their Lisbon triumph in 1967, all the Lions were alive then and all attended. It was a fantastic night.
What was that like being lads from the East End? 
Being an east end Glasgow boy it was a dream come true to play such an iconic venue and to make it even more special my own Mum and Dad actually met there in 1941. They went on to be married in 1948 and stayed very happily married till they both died months apart in their 90s. I bet they never imagined in their wildest dreams their son would go down in Barrowland history as the venues most successful artist for appearances and sell-outs in the 75-year history.
Any funny tales you can share with us.
We ’ve had countless laughs over the bands 30-year history but one that stands out happened flying into Australia on one of our world tours.  I left my bag sitting on a spare seat we had beside us because on a long flight you are in and out of it. Tam the guitarist had placed a banana on the fold-down table beside it, unknown to me it slid into my bag with the plane’s vibration. He forgot all about his banana and I never knew anything about it. Well, when we arrived in Perth my bag was scanned after a huge argument with the airline because our equipment had missed the connection in Dubai. They spotted the banana and I was accused of trying to smuggle in forbidden fruit and was fined $220.
What you guys up to, any new material you working on.
These days we are as busy as we want to be. There’s always room for new material but there’s only so many things you can say about a football club and we’ve pretty much covered everything in song. Myself and Frankie have other interests in a 60/70/80s pop and rock band we play in.
Where are you guys playing next?
The rest of this year sees us visiting Australia again in November and then we have 4 visits to England and one more visit to Ireland. Along with our usual Scottish gigs that kinda wraps the year up for us. Next year we are already booked to play in Las Vegas, Santa Ponsa, Tenerife, Portugal, England and Ireland. Along with our 2 regular Barrowland gigs and our other Scottish dates we’ve got enough to be going in with. Lol.
Thanks for speaking to us and Glasgow Eyes wishes you the best for the future.
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