xPLAYER with CATB Nights
If you would like an ex player to attend your supporters club night then get in touch with us now, cut out the middle man.

We can help you plan a superb question and answers night or just have the player along as a guest appearance combined with a Charlie and the Bhoys gig. These are unforgettable nights for all as I'm sure you know.

Players from the 70s (i.e.Dixie Deans), or 80s players (i.e. George McCluskey, Frank McAvennie, Joe Miller to name a few). The 1988 Centenary Team are amongst players now available for special nights with CATB.

Please remember, these ex players are in high demand, especially if it's more modern era players like John Hartson, Bobby Petta, Tom Boyd, Jackie MacNamara, Alan Thompson, Rab Douglas, Tosh McKinlay etc.

Most xPlayers along with CATB are usually available to travel anywhere. Players have travelled with us (CATB) to Canada, Norway, Sweden, Australia, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain to name some.


It's possible no matter where you are in the World!  CONTACT US HERE - Cut out the agent or middle man fee.

  Billy McNeill and Dixie Deans in Inverness John Kennedy 2010
  George McCluskey in Shetlands
  John Hartson in Inverness Jan 2009
  Joe Miller and Tosh McKinlay in Galashiels CSC in Sept 2010 Frank McAvennie in Dumfries
Please note that Ex Player nights are entirely independent of, and separate from, Celtic FC, Celtic plc and its subsidiaries and Celtic FC Foundation. Any views or opinions expressed, is the responsibility of the Ex Players; they do not represent the views of, and are in no way affiliated with, endorsed by or otherwise associated with, Celtic FC, Celtic Plc or any of its subsidiaries or Celtic FC Foundation.

Billy McNeill, John Hartson, John Clark and Bertie Auld - May2010 Charlie Gallagher and John Fallon. 2 of the less well known Lions!
Stephen McManus in Uddingston in May 2009 Pat Bonner in Dublin
Billy McNeill and Tommy Gemmell chanting on stage in Dublin 2009 Steve Chalmers and Bobby Lennox in Sligo
xPlayer Nights are brilliant nights with our gig

Any enquires, big or small, email us here.
Charlie and the Bhoys gigs are '18+' unless otherwise stated.

If you would like an ex player to attend your night along with the band then get in touch now, cut out the middle man. These are brilliant nights which we can help arrange. Click here for more info.

No more than about 6 emails per year. No spam.
If you have a query please use our contact page as the emailing list request is separate and less likely to reply.



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